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Kathy Reynold’s Newsletter

Not too warm – a little too grey and still we think it feels like spring!

A.C.S.U. Early Education Program

Mrs. R’s Pre-K Classroom

Family Newsletter- April 6, 2012

Hello Families, It is slowly becoming very clear to Diane (Mrs. C.) and myself that we only have a very few precious weeks left to enjoy our incredibly special all boy classroom group. Our official last day of PRESCHOOL will be on Wednesday May 30th. PLEASE, PLEASE save that date for our end of preschool celebration starting at 1:45 and lasting until the buses are called. We will feature a DVD show, songs, special guests and one last goodbye song.  You may invite anyone you like to this event- we will “make room at the table” so to speak- a saying Mrs. C. and I used all the time at the beginning of the year to indicate there was space for including all friends.  I will offer reminders later in the month – but please, if you could pop that date on your calendar now, we are sure you will be pleased with the show….Heads up- something that would really mean a lot to me would be parental feedback, a letter or note on the last day letting me know what you really thought of your son’s preschool experience, what worked and what could be improved- The ice cream social for the entire program will be on the evening before, (May 29th) once again Mrs. Martin and I will be ice cream scoopers, and just so you know, we both love ice cream and we have tons of experience making gigantic scoops for all our friends! Other dates to keep in mind- spring screening week is the 16th-20th and will offer an altered schedule. Our spring break is the 23rd – the 27th. I will be out on Friday the 13th for Vermont Department of Education training on assessment of young children.  OK . Enough about the future- here is what we are all about in school- Circle time: We are continuing with rhyme exploration however now we are have moved onto word families! (Oh kindergarten is going to love these guys) as well as discriminating sounds ( for example -all the /b/ objects) and moving syllables around (cup cake without the cup is just a cake). Number jar work has continued with numbers strong  for some to 5, others to 10 and for some all the way to well…much higher! Have you heard the 7 song? (7,7,7, it’s pointy at the top, 7,7,7, a big karate chop!) Yes, they all recognize number 7. I would love to be a fly on the wall next year when the Kindergarten teachers begin assessment because I just know there will be a little singing when they ask this crew to identify numerals! Fun Friday today will be on the wilderness side- we have charcoal from my fire pit to be used as a pencil, to sign in on birch bark.  We will wander over to a mini pond to get “fresh” frog egg water, look at dried seeds from cat tails, create wacky animals out of a variety of precut pieces and we will set up our hall mural with frogs and water and mud and logs- painted and drawn…. Other learning moments can be left for the next news letter as it is time to head out the door and begin Fun Friday at school!!! Any questions? Please call me at 382-1716. I will always get back to you! This is the spot where I was planning on inserting a Fun Friday photo – however I forgot to take pictures of the quite incredible seed release extravaganza at the frog pond. (I’m sure you can picture 7 boys with 7 fat cat tails and room to make some fluff fly….) Late newsletter: OK so I emailed myself the wrong newsletter – and couldn’t get this out on Friday- which is why you are receiving this end of the week review on Monday. Huge thank you to Chris and grandma Irene for the little bunny treats they made together- to Amber, Alden’s mom for the limbo bar and extra dress up clothes, to “D”  Wyatt T.’s mom for the yummy birthday cake and to all of you for your notes and commitment to getting your child ready for school. I take no credit for the beautifully decorated egg – that came from Ryan in Mrs. M’s room- (Martha Stewart watch out!) who generously made enough to share with all our boys. We do enough with that class so we feel like a small hockey team as well as friends inside and outside the classrooms. I leave you with a comment, made by one little fellow to his walking buddy. “I have some cat tail seeds in my pocket, I’m not going to tell mommy when I  plant them I’m going to surprise her with kittens!”  (Well, I may not have a career in science education, but we are on the path to creating and storing happy memories) Hope you continue to make wonderful memories in your day to day moments with your young ones. They are so precious and such little learning sponges!

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